For Parents

Get Help Finding Your Child’s Tutor

The dreaded moment every parent fears: the day you can’t help your child with their homework.

Don’t worry! Help is just a few clicks away with TUTORCARE! Using online technology to help you find and compare carefully-screened tutors from across the country, TUTORCARE provides the best academic support for your child, so they don’t miss a beat or fall behind.

Parents with Elementary and Middle School Children

You won’t have to worry about those complicated math problems you can’t solve or the obscure grammar rules you have long forgotten. We have expert tutors in every subject who work one-on-one with your student. They have years of professional experience and TUTORCARE training.

After each tutoring session, you will receive a progress report detailing your child’s progress from the tutor. Each report will be reviewed by our Education Manager to help students and tutors determine the best learning and studying techniques to help your child excel!

Parents with High School Students

As classes get harder and harder, your child’s just looking to pass tomorrow’s test…but as a parent, you’re also looking into the future. What skills do they need to do well on placement exams and standardized tests? Which classes should they take now to prepare them to be a doctor, lawyer or business professional?

Don’t worry! TUTORCARE helps your student ace tests today and get academic planning and career advice for the future from our expert tutors. Search for online or in-person tutors for academic help now. Or browse through our tutorials for advice on how to achieve career goals, study for standardized tests, take dual enrollment classes and prepare for college.

Parents with College and Graduate Students

Even with young adult students, they still expect you to be their lifeline of advice and academic help. Turn to TUTORCARE as your secret weapon. We can help you give great advice to your students on academic and career planning, interviewing tips and studying help for the SAT, ACT, GED, PCAT, MCAT, GMAT—or any standardized test. Browse our Tutorials to find academic and career assistance from our qualified tutors. Or, if your student is struggling in advanced classes, let us help you find the perfect tutor for your child!

Trust TUTORCARE for help finding your child’s perfect tutor, homework help, academic planning and advice. Make us your one-stop academic tool to help your child succeed! Register for your child today! 

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