Tutoring Tips for Tutors

By Anh Doan

Get to know your students

One of the most important aspects of tutoring is for the tutor to get to know their students and develop a trusting relationship which will open the way for a comfortable learning environment and successful tutoring sessions.  Finding common interests between tutor and student can be used as an ice breaker during the first meeting.  

Identify individual learning styles

Every student is different and has a unique learning style.  Some students learn faster than others while others require visual references in order to understand expressed ideas.  A good tutor works with the student to identify his/her learning tendencies and style.  Afterwards, a learning plan is devised to best suit the student’s strengths and weaknesses in order to optimize their learning experience and further develop his/her academic aptitude.

Developing academic goals

The tutor should consult with the student’s parents and teachers to determine the academic goals for the student and develop a learning plan to meet those goals.  

For instance, improving:
  • A letter grade in math or English by the end of the semester,
  • State Exam / SAT / ACT scores
  • Reading comprehension
  • Academic confidence

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