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Get all the resources you need for academic growth at TUTORCARE. We help students learn and succeed using technology to connect with an experienced in-person, in-home or online tutor. We have tutors for every age group, from K-12 and even college courses. Whether you need homework help, assistance completing school applications, tips on interviewing, essay proofreading or test preparation, TUTORCARE helps you connect with the most experienced and knowledgeable tutors in the country!

We Hand-Picked the Very Best Tutors

Founded by some of the most sought-after professional tutors you will find anywhere, TUTORCARE’s mission focuses on helping students to improve performance in class and in life. We handpick tutors, verify academic transcripts, investigate professional references, and provide ongoing training to ensure tutors have expert knowledge in the subjects they teach. After each tutoring session, we encourage members to rate our tutors’ performance, so you can easily determine which tutor is right for you.

An Academic Honesty Policy You Can Trust

Most importantly, all our members and tutors agree to our Academic Honesty Policy. You have confidence knowing you will find the best academic online community possible with TUTORCARE.

Begin Finding a Tutor 

First, search our database to find a tutor matching your academic needs. Then, our convenient and easy online platform helps you ask your homework questions, select academic tutorials and attend tutoring sessions anytime, anywhere!

Our tutors specialize in these academic areas:

  • Math
  • English
  • History
  • Literature
  • Physics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Test Prep
  • Career Counseling
  • And more!

You don’t have to struggle in school any longer. Our affordable, in-person, in-home and online tutor searching service gives you the help you need! Find a tutor, ask a homework help question or browse our online tutorials now!

Learning to Make a Difference

As part of our mission to help students in our communities to grow academically, TUTORCARE proudly supports our community through charitable giving. TUTORCARE donates 1% of all online transactions to the Veteran Support Organization, voted by our first students as TUTORCARE’s corporate charity of choice.

If you would like to suggest another charitable organization, please contact us online. We welcome all customers’ opinions and greatly appreciate your feedback.

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