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TUTORCARE gives you access to the most advanced online learning tool anywhere you go. Learning has never been easier! Find and connect with private tutoring professionals in just a few clicks. It is simple to get the help you need to do better in school, ace your final exam, score high on the SATs or even get career advice. Simply join our community of students and tutors and enhance your academic skills for future success. Get started today!

Create a TUTORCARE Account 

Whether you want to be a student or a tutor, begin by simply creating a membership account. As a student member, you gain access to the academic tools you need to see improvement in your grades. As a tutor member, you gain the ability to begin helping students academically excel while earning extra income for your expertise.

  1. Complete the secure registration form, agree to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Academic Honesty Policy to create your account.
  2. Check your email for a welcome message from TUTORCARE. 
  3. Sign into your account and start searching tutors and tutorials, and start asking questions!

Get FAST Answers to Homework Help Questions

If you need fast answers to your homework questions, ask the TUTORCARE community for help! Simply post your questions or search for similar questions to get answers quickly!

  1. Visit the Ask a Question page.
  2. Type a detailed question in the form, or upload a file document to help clarify your inquiry. Then pick a price that you are willing to offer for a custom answer and hit “submit.” 
  3. Once you submit your question, we will ask other TUTORCARE users to post answers. You’ll get an email when someone posts an answers to your question (adjust email preferences here).
  4. Click the link in your email and log into your TUTORCARE account to see a summary of the answer. Then click Purchase if you would like to see the full answer.
  5. Once you have purchased the answer on our secure website, it will be stored in the Questions & Answers section of your membership dashboard.

Purchase Tutorials 

For career advice and planning, academic advice, additional learning tools and more, purchase one of our users’ educational tutorials.

  1. Visit the Tutorials page.
  2. Browse popular tutorials or select the category and sub-category you want to search.
  3. Once you find the tutorial you wish to purchase, click Purchase.
  4. Once you’ve purchased the tutorial on our secure website, it will be stored in the Tutorials section of your membership dashboard.

Search for In-Person, In-Home or Online Tutoring

Find highly qualified TUTORCARE tutors in just a few clicks! We make it easy to find the academic help you need!

  1. Visit the Online Tutoring page or the In-Person Tutoring page.
  2. Use the short form to search for a tutor who specializes in the category and sub-category you need.
  3. Browse the tutors for their availability, rate, rating and specialty. You can view their profiles or contact them directly through the discussion board.
  4. After you send a message to a tutor, you will receive an email when the tutor responds. Click the link in the email to view the message and tell the tutor what you’re looking for.
  5. Once a place, time and number of hours is determined, the tutor will send you a tutoring session request. Confirm the request to schedule the session! Remember, you must make final payment before your tutoring session can take place. 
  6. After your session, the tutor will send you a progress report confirming the session occurred. You have 48 hours to dispute the progress report.

Online Tutoring

At TUTORCARE, we make sure our Online Tutoring remains easy and stress free. Simply follow the instructions below to ensure you are ready to access these advanced learning tools from home.

  1. Log in to your TUTORCARE account.
  2. Click on ONLINE TUTORING and select the subject, subtopic and desired tutoring time to choose an online tutor that fits your need.
  3. Contact the tutor of your choice via our discussion board to set up your online tutoring session. To send a message to the tutor, please click on “Contact This Tutor” and leave a comment in the message box.
  4. Once the date and time of the online tutoring session have been confirmed, the tutor will send a Tutoring Session Request to the student for payment.
  5. Students must make payment to reserve the appointment. Your appointment has not been confirmed until payment is made.
  6. Once a payment is made, a link will be emailed to both the student and the tutor to confirm the day and time of the session.
  7. Before the tutoring session, please ensure you have the equipment required for Online Tutoring, including the following:
    • A computer that meets system requirements for Adobe Flash Player 11.
    • Video and audio interaction is available, so please prepare a headset, web camera or microphone if you'd like to use this functionality.
    • You are encouraged to have all academic materials and assignments you need to make the most of your session.
  8. At the time of the tutoring session, both the student and tutor will follow the link emailed to them and click the button on the page to start the tutoring session.
  9. During the online tutoring session, you have the ability to:
    • Access an audio broadcast of the lesson by clicking on the microphone icon.
    • Draw images, paste information and visually work on your assignments with the illustration tool on the left-hand side of the page.
    • Upload assets, such as images, website snapshots and flickr images.
    • Select the Raise Hand button to get your tutor’s attention.
    • Type messages to each other through the text box at the bottom right of the page.
  10. Once the tutoring session has ended, simply click Log Out.
  11. Tutors must complete their session evaluation at the end of their tutoring session.
    • Click Manage in the Progress Reports area in Member Dashboard and then choose the Pending Session Evaluation.
    • Then please select pending tutor session and submit your Tutoring Session Report in order to receive payment. The Tutoring Session Report will be sent to our Education Manager and students for review.
  12. Students have 48 hours to accept or refute the progress report.
    • After 48 hours, the report will be automatically accepted and the credits will be withdrawn from their account. Until 48 hours have elapsed, student credits used to pay for the session will remain in a “pending” status.
    • To access this report, please click on Manage in the Progress Reports area in your Member Dashboard or select from the list of pending sessions already on the screen in the PENDING TUTORING SESSIONS box.
    • Click Review Session Details to view the tutor’s report. At this time, students have the option to dispute a progress report or accept it.
    • If disputed, students will be directed to access the TUTORCARE Customer Service form where they can input their comments about the session and their reasons for disputing it. Students can then send in to the TUTORCARE administration and await a response concerning payment owed and the session quality.
  13. Still have questions? Check our FAQ Page or Contact Us for fast help.

Become a Tutor at TUTORCARE

If you’re a great student and would like to help other TUTORCARE users, become an online or in-person tutor!

  1. Complete the Tutor Application Form and send TUTORCARE the required documents (listed on the page above).
  2. TUTORCARE will evaluate your experience and qualifications. Once your registration process is complete, we will contact you for an interview and training.
  3. Once you become an approved TUTORCARE tutor, you will receive email messages when students wish to get tutored. You are required to respond to these requests within 2 days!
  4. Click on the link in the email to respond to the student. Once a session has been agreed upon, complete the Tutoring Session Confirmation Form and submit it to the student for payment confirmation.
  5. The tutor must receive an email showing that the customer has already made the payment for the tutoring session before the tutoring session can begin.  No tutoring sessions can be conducted until the customer makes the payment. 
  6. After your tutoring session, complete the open progress report found in the Progress Report section of your Member Dashboard to confirm the session occurred and receive credits for your work.
  7. Once you have 30 credits earned, you can Request Payment! You can also find out more about this process on the Tutors and FAQ pages. 
  8. Still have questions? Contact Us today! We are available to answer any questions you may have. 

Answer Homework Questions for Cash!

Browse other users’ questions and submit answers. If purchased, you'll earn extra money!

  1. Visit the Ask a Question page.
  2. Browse the most popular questions or select the category and sub-category you specialize in.
  3. Browse users’ questions and click Get Details for questions you would like to answer.
  4. Use the form on the left side of the page to post a brief summary of your answer (this will help users decide whether or not to buy your answer), your full answer (this will only be seen if the user buys your answer), and the amount you would like to be paid for your answer.
  5. You will receive an email when your answer was purchased! Once you have earned 30 credits, you can Request Payment!

Submit a Tutorial

Share great career advice, studying techniques, academic lessons and more with users on TUTORCARE. Upload a pdf, video or audio tutorial and make some cash!

  1. Visit the Tutorials page.
  2. Use the form to post a brief summary of your tutorial (this will help users decide whether or not to buy your tutorial), your tutorial file (this will only be seen if the user buys your tutorial), and the amount you would like to be paid for your tutorial.
  3. You will receive an email when your tutorial was purchased! Once you have earned 30 credits, you can Request Payment!
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