A TUTORCARE Review Says It All

If you are on our site, we know academics are important to you. Our members trust us to connect them with highly qualified tutors, so that’s why a TUTORCARE review means so much to us. Our members tell us exactly how we’re doing and whether our tutors or the answers they found in the homework help had clear value and a beneficial impact. We listed our customers’ statements below to demonstrate the excellent customer service, security, ease-of-use and tutoring services you can expect from TUTORCARE.

“I was failing Financial Management. I was frustrated and confused because I may have to withdraw from the class and then re-take it soon. I hated that thought! I then found TutorCare. TutorCare tutors helped me go from failing to a B. Thank you so much. I will definitely use you again. ”

-- Cindy G.

“After few months of tutoring, my son showed remarkable improvement in his report cards and behaved much better at school and at home. The best part is my son passed 3rd Grade FCAT.”

-- Michelle M.- Mother of 3rd grade student at East Lake Elementary School from Kissimmee, FL

“Pre-calculus was difficult for my son at first. But TUTORCARE tutor made the subject supper easy to understand and my son's grade improved. I strongly recommend TUTORCARE to other parents.”

-- Azhar H.- Father of 11th grade student at Cypress Creek High School from Orlando, FL

“I was also amazed on how fast and flexible TUTORCARE has been with me, with my schedule and my kids schedule with after school activities. I would highly recommend TUTORCARE to anyone needing a tutor for their children.”

-- Judy M.- Mother of a seventh grader at Rock Lake Middle School from Longwood, FL

“I have been using TUTORCARE services for almost 1 year for my Math classes. My grades significantly improved and I felt much more confident. I am definitely using their tutoring services again.”

-- Lesli H.- Veteran studying at Valencia College from Orlando, FL

“Anh taught me how to help myself find solutions and how to succeed in required subjects. I will never forget this great experience and her advice will follow me wherever I go.”

-- Anita Z.- Student at Valencia College from Orlando, FL

“I know I made a right decision when choosing TUTORCARE to provide tutoring for my daughter. Not only the tutor was kind and patient, she also explained everything step by step. I greatly appreciate the service of TUTORCARE and highly recommend this company to others.”

-- Maria C.- Mother of an 8th Grade Student from Oak Ridge Middle School