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Imagine the perfect job: flexible hours, the ability to set your own pay rate and no tedious desk work. Sounds too good to be true! Online tutoring jobs with TUTORCARE are available to make this dream job a reality.

We provide everything you need to find students to tutor, schedule tutoring sessions and get paid. We even provide training! With our online platform, you gain access to a huge, nation-wide database of students who need your services.

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Perfect for high school or college students looking for a flexible way to make money while taking a full course load, TUTORCARE online tutoring jobs provides these unmatched benefits:

  • Competitive Pay—You set your own hourly rate. We take only a fixed $12, regardless of what you charge students, so you have great money-making potential.
  • Four Ways to Earn Money—TUTORCARE’s online platform gives tutors the opportunity to earn money in four different ways: Answering homework help questions, uploading tutorials, online tutoring sessions and in-person tutoring sessions.
  • Flexible Hours—Tell students when you’re available. No requirements. No monthly hour minimums. You get the ultimate flexibility to work with your schedule.
  • Secure Paychecks and Personal Information—Choose Paypal or direct deposit keeps your information safe and secure. Request to be paid whenever you’d like (NOTE: tutors must have at least 30 credits in their accounts to request a paycheck).
  • Free Professional Training—TUTORCARE takes pride in developing each of our tutors. We provide training to help you improve your tutoring skills. And it’s completely FREE!
  • Advancement Opportunities—We’re always looking to grow our staff throughout the nation. Whether it’s advanced, long-term tutoring opportunities or working as a TUTORCARE employee, our tutors may have the chance to help others and advance their careers!
  • Excellent Support from TUTORCARE Staff—Our staff of consultants, college professors, teachers and professional tutors have years of experience and work with you to develop your skills. We work to have a personal relationship with each of our tutors to help you resolve problems and love your job! We also offer recommendation letters for outstanding tutors in pursuit of graduate school acceptance, grants or scholarships.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to earn money while helping others to succeed. To apply for our online or in home tutoring jobs, simply create a membership and apply to become a tutor online.

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